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Both programs run from Thursday through Sunday. Check-in begins at 5 pm on Thursday and check-out is 5 pm on Sunday.

Classroom education will be held in the hotel conference room on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Beginning at 9:00 am each morning, these education sessions will consist of lectures, visual aids, literature, and videos.

Continental breakfast is provided at all locations. Lunch and dinner are catered.

  • Austintown Location: Nicolinni’s Restaurant

  • Austinburg Location: Guyrieno’s Deli/Meola Catering 

Supportive Friend
Audience in Lecture

Weekend Agenda


Check-In, Orientation

Check-In: All clients shall report to the designated hotel at 5 PM. At this time any remaining balances must be paid. You will then be taken to your assigned hotel room.

Orientation: After all clients are checked into rooms, a program orientation will be held in the hotel conference room. At this time you will be given a program handbook which will include all rules, policies, and schedule.



The instructor will educate you on the physical properties of alcohol and drugs and also what addiction is.

Evening: A local attorney speaks about their experience defending OVI cases and is there to answer any questions you may have.



Morning: The instructor will educate you on the effects that alcohol and drugs have on the body.


Afternoon: You will discuss all the laws pertaining to OVIs in the state of Ohio.


Evening: A local member of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) will lead and also answer any questions about the AA program.


Education, Check-out

The instructor will discuss the social consequences that alcohol and drugs have on you and your family. Alternatives to drinking and driving will also be discussed.

Check-out at 5 PM.

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