About the DIP Program

Both programs run Thursday through Sunday. Check-In begins at 5PM on Thursday and Check-Out is 5PM on Sunday.

What is going to happen at the program:

Thursday, Check-In: All clients shall report to designated hotel at 5PM. At this time any remaining balances must be paid. Your will then be taken to your assigned hotel room.

Orientation: After all clients are checked into rooms a program orientation will be held in hotel conference room. At this time you will be given a program handbook which will include all rules, policies and schedule.

Classroom education will be held in the hotel conference room on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Beginning at 9:00AM each morning, these education sessions will consist of lectures, visual aids, literature and videos.

Friday Class: The instructor will educate you on the physical properties of alcohol and drugs and also what addiction is.

  • Evening — A local attorney speaks about their experience defending OVI cases and is there to answer any questions you may have.

Saturday Class:

  • Morning — The instructor will educate you on the effects that alcohol and drugs have on the body.
  • Afternoon — You will discuss all the laws pertaining to OVI’s in the state of Ohio.
  • Evening — A local member of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) will do a lead and also answer any questions about the AA program.

Sunday Class: The instructor will discuss the social consequences that alcohol and drugs have on you and your family. Alternatives to drinking and driving will also be discussed.

  • Continental breakfast provided at both locations. Lunch and Dinner are catered.
    • Austintown Location: Nicolinni’s Restaurant
    • Austinburg Location: Guyrieno’s Deli/Meola Catering



  1. Cell phones are permitted. Use of cell phones will be limited to client rooms during evening hours ONLY. They are NOT permitted on clients during class times. If you do not have a cell phone, a phone is available in the staff room that can be used.
  2. Make sure you bring all prescription medication that you take on a daily basis. Please bring ONLY what you will need for the duration of the program. Medications will ONLY be accepted in the bottles they were prescribed to you in.
  3. If you are discharged from the program for any reason you will not get a refund and will have to pay the full amount again to reschedule.
  4. If you schedule a class a cancel for any reason and have to reschedule an additional $50.00 deposit will be required.
  5. Program dates are subject to change and we will notify you within 14 days if a change takes place.
  6. All smoking requests will be taken into consideration. Due to limited availability, not all requests will be granted. Smoking areas are available on-premise.